Ripping and laying performed in one easy operation
The tip of the ripper blade clears and shapes the laying bed prior to pipes or cables being laid. Jutting stones and rocks are crushed and pushed aside.

Using our patented guidance system the entire insertion system is dragged along the bed under pressure. Rough earth, stones and rocks are crushed, forming a secure smooth laying bed and the pipe or cable is gently installed.

Because the ripper and the laying system are separate the laying slot is prepared prior to the pipe or cable being laid.

Safe installation of pipes and cables
Cables and pipes are laid gently and carefully with the SpiderPlow system.

The actual laying system of the plow is controlled in such a way that the cable or pipe insertion angle adjusts to any curvature of the ground, both vertically and horizontally. (Accordion system)

Excellent Service
SpiderPlow International provides small complete crews of highly trained operators to install telecommunication cables, low and high voltage power lines, flexible gas, sewerage and water ducts. We pride ourselves on our outstanding reputation of quick response, reliability and safety.

How It Works
The SpiderPlow is pulled by the winch truck (three available options). The winch trucks anchor blade digs into the ground to stabilise the truck mounted winch 120 meteres ahead of the plow. This allows the winch to pull the plow with continuously 140 tons of draw bar. Our winch trucks are the most powerful mobile winches available worldwide.