With over 35000km of cables & pipes installed worldwide, we're proud that our customers state that:

"Never before has pipe and cable installation been so efficient, economical, and environmentally friendly."

"In one job at Busselton, the laying speed was quite spectacular. The work carried out included a major river crossing. We have no hesitation in recommending the plough as an effective means of laying pipes and cables in a very timely manner."

D. B. Neaves, Network Engineer
Western Power Corporation

"The SpiderPlow is simply an amazing machine which is revolutionising the laying of pipes in all kinds of locations. Instead of using the lengthy and sometimes disruptive open cut trenching method, the spider-like machine inserts the pipeline directly into the ground. A task that took two to three weeks might now take only a day."


"Another feature of the project is the use of the technologically advanced SpiderPlow which has revolutionised the laying of pipes in a variety of locations. This method allows pipes to be inserted directly into the ground, rather than in the disruptive and time consuming open cut method which digs up and then back fills trenches.

The plough is a 'spider-like' machine which can be directed around tree roots in its path ensuring that the environment remains in tact despite the magnitude of the pipe laying project."


According to Michael Carollo, project manager for MFSNT, USA, "We are very pleased with the performance the SpiderPlow has demonstrated on the 1500km MFSNT project along the New York Thruway. It has been extremely effective in exceptionally rocky and sloped terrain and wetlands we encountered along The Authority right-of-way. The SpiderPlow has helped MFSNT keep the project on track for a timely completion. As a matter of fact, we are recommending the SpiderPlow on several other sections of this project, as well as other MFSNT projects across the country."

Many people agree that the SpiderPlow was the clear choice for MVP when comparing contributions to productivity quality, environmental protection and meeting project deadlines.

Michael Carollo, Project Manager

"The use of the plough allowed the primary contractor to provide us with a much lower price than that quoted by other contractors. The speed of the ploughing operation also allowed the primary contractor to complete the whole project in a time frame that i thought was not achievable when first proposed."

David Nix, Senior Communications Analyst
BHP Australia Coal, Queensland

"The cost savings are obvious but, just as importantly, there is a substantial decrease in the environmental impact. As well as leaving the topsoil basically untouched, the SpiderPlow can tilt and move carefully around tree roots in its path!"

"The National Standard TP 01337 requires all optical fibre cable to be installed under zero tension conditions. Strain was measured by our EG&G Fibre Optics strain measuring equipment from Melbourne. The SpiderPlow meets the requirements of the national standards, particularly that of cable burial depth and zero tension installation."

Paul Gardener, Chief Engineer
Access Optical Fibre Cable
Telstra Australia

"Earlier this year (1996) SpiderPlow installed underground cable in a very environmentally sensitive area. This was in fact the Hat Head National Park. The SpiderPlow installed the cables in with minimal disturbance to the ground cover and trees lining the road. Conventional trenching would have made this job unviable, but SpiderPlow gave us an opportunity to complete a section of the job which had not been planned for many years."

Chris Halliday, Supply Quality/Vegetation Control
Northpower, NSW